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Ever feel like doing something you know you shouldn’t do but you’re like fuck it I’m going to do it anyways because I can do what I want to do….yea…me neither 👀

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Zoom #SCSU #AlphaXi #FA79 #Quad 
#UCF #MuIota #SP10 #Tr3 #MotherDaughter #Legacy #DebutanteCotillion OO-OOP!  (at Deltaland)

#SCSU #AlphaXi #FA79 #Quad
#UCF #MuIota #SP10 #Tr3 #MotherDaughter #Legacy #DebutanteCotillion OO-OOP! (at Deltaland)

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Zoom No time for the foolery! ✌✌✌ #MESSAGE

No time for the foolery! ✌✌✌ #MESSAGE

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“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

Serenity is the state of calmness or peacefulness. This is one of my favorite words because I feel that everyone should always strive to be in a state of peacefulness with no negative disturbances or conflict. This can be applied to family, relationship, friendship, and work conflicts that you may be dealing with at this time. Personally, saying this prayer to myself in certain situations has helped me to handle the conflicts in a more mature and appropriate way. I have had to work through coworkers spreading lies about me, disagreements with my parents, having to end friendships, and more. By repeating the serenity prayer in difficult situations you are reminding yourself that there will be situations that are beyond your control and you have to learn to be okay with that and for situations that you can resolve we should aim for peaceful resolutions. Sometimes this may require putting your pride to the side, removing people from your life, or making changes within yourself, but you have to understand that ultimately its for your own well-being.

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Be Careful What You Ask For.

I was just recently in a tough situation where I was confused on what decision I should make. I was constantly in a battle with whether I should continue to have a particular person in my life. After a while I realized that it not about what I want or what I THINK I need it’s about what God wants for me. I prayed for clarity and peace in regards to the situation because I knew I couldn’t make the decision on my own.  So what did HE do? He took the decision out of my hands and made it for me.

Now the reason I am saying be careful what you ask for is because when you ask God to do something for you that doesn’t always mean it will happen the way you want it to.  I was very upset when the situation unfolded because the person ended up walking out of my life and I wanted to be the one to make the decision and walk away. But after venting to one of my friends about the situation he reminded me that I asked for clarity and that is what God gave me.

Belief in a higher power is one of our principles in BFDC and I think we should all be reminded that there is someone or something bigger than us guiding us through this roller coaster we call life. Don’t forget that you are not alone when you are going through your struggles. Don’t be scared to ask for help but just be careful what you ask for.

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This would be a fiyah flash mob proposal..#thankmelater

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Zoom #thisisme #noregrets #enjoyinglife #repost

#thisisme #noregrets #enjoyinglife #repost

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